Touch Type Number Pad Practice: / * - +

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Typing Fingers & Keyboard Positions

To round up our lessons on the number pad, we will now include the four basic arithmetic symbols: divide, multiply, subtraction and addition. Since this is a symbol's practise and requires a long reach, try to return to the Home Row (Row 3) after each key press so you retain the spatial awareness.

Some people find using the last finger (R5) for the '-' sign quite awkward. You can try the ring finger instead (R4), if so, stick with that pattern.

Remember, we still assume SPACES represent the RETURN / ENTER key, controlled by finger + R5.

  / * -
  R3 R4 R5
7 8 9 +

Start with your fingers on the Home Row (Row 3) with your middle finger over number 5.

As a guide to where you are currently are, always return to the Row 3 when you are not typing.

If you need help with the finger's chart, please review the First Lesson.